A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A competitive whack-a-mole clone inspired by Stranger Things and made for the Phony Island Jam.

Following jam rules, this is a 2-player game only that lasts for ~30 seconds and auto-quits when finished. If that doesn't sound like it's worth a download, maybe just watch the video instead?

Controls - P1
Movement - WASD
Swing - Space

Controls - P2
Movement - Arrows
Swing - Enter/Return


whackingthings_windows.zip 47 MB
whackingthings_mac.zip 49 MB


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I made a pretty poppin' let's play of your adorable game! Lovely!

Hilarious - thanks for that! Also, interesting choice to do a let's play for a 30-sec 2-player game that auto-quits ;)

The game is super adorable! Plus I'm currently binging Stranger Things 2. It was a perfect fit <3