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A Unity package containing a camera setup for emulating GameBoy style visuals. The scene is rendered at 160 x 144, and has a custom shader to limit output to a 4-colour palette. The palette is supplied as a 4px x 1px texture and can be modified or even swapped at runtime as needed.

Some projects using GBCamera

Updated September 10, 2021 - v2021_0

  • Updated to newer version of Unity (packaged using Unity 2019.4.26f1)
  • Shaders now support more platforms
  • Added a Post Processing Stack version of the effect (see included readme)

Please note that this version is quite different from the previous and a direct upgrade method is not supported. If upgrading an existing project, please back up your project and remove the current RogueNoodle folder and contents before installing this version!

Updated August 27, 2015 - v1.2

  • Added support for OpenGL ES 3.0 (tested on Samsung S6)

Updated August 26, 2015 - v1.1

  • Added support for fading the material - useful for transitions.
  • Added UI material to allow fading and palette use for Unity GUI elements
  • Added examples to show palette swapping, fading and UI setup
  • Includes 10 palette variations

Tested in Unity 5 only.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(52 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, camera, Game Boy, GBJam, Pixel Art, Retro, Shaders, Unity


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gbcamera_v1_2.unitypackage 190 kB
gbcamera_2021_0.unitypackage 187 kB


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What's the licensing on this? Doubt I'll use it commercially but figured I'd ask. Thanks!

I would love to use this but I use UE4 unfortunately. Either way this is incredible and you should be proud =]


Is there any way to change the resolution of the camera?

are there any ways to increase the amount of color in a palette, would be very cool if you can do that

The post processing effect does not work in build anyone know how to fix this?


Is it possible for you to create a tutorial like text or a youtube tutorial would be great


any chance you'll ever port this to Godot?


Didn't adamgyru use this for A Short Hike? Why not add that?


he used it initially but ended up creating his own version inspired from it

ah, makes sense


This looks awesome! Does it work with URP by any chance?


Sorry - for now, it supports built-in renderer only unfortunately :/ Once I have a bit of time to familiarize myself more with URP, I'll try my best to update it!


+1 for URP support :)

I... am not a URP fan but that's the direction Unity's going (and hopefully's not going to turn anytime soon).

More interested in the URP version than on the legacy PPv2 one.