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A short puzzle game made for The Candy Jam

Eight scrolls are scattered across each level. Hop from gumdrop to gumdrop
to collect them all before the toxic goo rises too high. Collect them in as few
moves as possible to earn more stars in each of eight levels.


Arrow keys to jump

When standing on blue gumdrops, you will jump one space. Purple gumdrops
increase your jump distance to two spaces, while pink gumdrops will move your
character three spaces.

Don't fall into the rising toxic goo! Doing so will add an extra move to
your score and teleport you to the last collected scroll.

Use 'M' and 'S' to toggle music and sound respectively.

Right-click in the game area and choose "Go Fullscreen" to enable fullscreen mode.
Press escape to exit. (Fullscreen may not work on all systems).

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me through Twitter - @rogueNoodle
or via email (cc roguenoodle com)

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Published2 years ago
Tagscandy, candyjam, Cute, jumping, saga, scrolls
Player countSingleplayer